Recently Featured on WACHFOX - St. Patrick's Day in Five Points Introduces Mocktail Lounge

People were getting a head start on St Patrick's day this year with the 42nd annual St. Pat's in Five Points.

While many hop into the spirit with hops and spirits, organizers this year wanted to make space for those who were looking for some sober fun.

“This is a big festival with all sorts of people, but I think in the past it was just a little bit lacking.” Said Jim Sonefeld, Hootie and The Blowfish Drummer and he has been sober for 19 years.

“We’ve partnered with St Pats in five points this year to offer a new experience and offer some other alternative options for drinking, we have a mock tail lounge right in the center of five points and we’re really excited about it.” Said Julie Tuttle with Cola Love.

The lounge offers options for those staying sober this St Patrick's day, but who want something more than just soda or water.

The result, a mocktail syrup made from locally sourced fruit.

“The simple syrup make delicious mocktails and that's what we’re doing here today we’re serving a St. Sallie its our blackberry spice sage simple syrup with a sparkling lemonade, it’s delicious.” Said Sallie Dent Porth, Owner of Sallies Greatest

“I think that some people feel left out with like drinks, fun drinks and stuff like that so to have mocktails, I think that's a really cool idea to like include other people.” Alyssa Peter, who is a student at USC.

And this new addition was a big hit.

“I’ve had more water and I'm waterlogged so the opportunity to get a beverage that is fun and tasty and maybe not even bad for you is pretty great especially at a big festival.” Said Jim.

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