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Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Turkey Panini

Ingredients 8 oz. Brie round, cut into slices 2 slices of bread 2 Tbsp. Sallie's Greatest Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Jam Mayonnaise 3-4 strawberries, sliced Handful of baby spinach leaves 2-3 slices of turkey Trim and discard rind from Brie round. Cut Brie into slices. Spread one side of the bread with Sallie's Greatest Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Jam and the other slice with mayonnaise. Layer cheese on jam side, then top with strawberries, baby spinach, and lastly, turkey. Place the other piece of bread on top. Butter the outside of the bread. Gently place onto grill and close the lid or press. Cook until bread is browned and cheese is melted about 4-5 minutes. Buy Strawberry + Black Peppercorn...

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Black Pepper Goat Cheese Log with Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Jam

Ingredients  8 oz log of goat cheese 1-2 Tablespoons cracked black pepper 1/4 cup of Sallie’s Greatest Strawberry Cracked Black Peppercorn Jam Fresh Strawberries  Roll the log of goat cheese in the cracked black pepper to coat the entire log. Spread the Strawberry Cracked Black Peppercorn Jam in the center of the plate. Top with Black Pepper goat cheese log.  Serve with crackers and sliced strawberries. Buy Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Jam Here     

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Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Martini

Ingredients 3 - 4 oz. Vodka ½ large lemon juiced 1-2 oz. sparkling water (optional) 3 heaping tablespoons Sallie’s Greatest Strawberry Black Peppercorn Jam Thin strawberry slice Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Put all in a shaker except sparkling water with ice. Shake to blend then strain into a martini glass. Top with the sparkling water if desired. Garnish with a strawberry slice and dust the top of cocktail with the fresh cracked black pepper. SERVES 2 Buy your Strawberry + Black Peppercorn Jam Here

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