Baked Brie with Blackberry Spice + Sage

17 oz. round of Brie cheese
3 Tablespoons of Sallie’s Greatest Blackberry Spice + Sage Jam
Fresh or Frozen blackberries


Slice the top rind off cheese leaving the side round in tack. Place brie in the center of a brie baker or pie plate. Put the Blackberry Spice + Sage Jam in the center of the brie. Top with blackberries. Bake at 400 degrees until cheese melts (about 10-15 mins). Serve with crackers and sliced apples.

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  • Laurie

    I made this for a group of friends last weekend. EVERYONE RAGED!!! I wrapped in puff pastry.. DELISH!! Thank you for the AMAZING new jam to add to one of my favorite go to appetizer recipes!

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